Anhui site high heap fall into the eyes of workers more than 10 cm

Humou is not life-threatening
Yesterday at noon, 33-year-old Hefei man Humou work at the site, a fall from the height of the steel accidentally inserted into its right eye, straight to the brain. At present, Humou is not life-threatening, but the situation is very urgent, has been sent to Shanghai hospital treatment. 15:30 pm, the reporter went to the Yangtze River Road, a hospital emergency room, Humou is lying on the bed, expression of pain, his face is full of blood, and steel is still inserted in its right eye, exposed outside a length About 10 cm. Accompanied family members said that before the incident Humou is demolition of the scaffolding, carrying things, a steel suddenly fell from the height, "so clever, what inserted into his right eye." Family Said, fortunately the drop position is not very high, or else the consequences will be more serious. Reporters learned from the hospital, after the film preliminary examination, the strip into the eyes of patients also have more than 10 cm, wounded to the brain. The patient is temporarily life-threatening, but the situation is very critical, "even if the surgery can be removed from the steel, his right eye is likely to hold it." (Reporter Li Meng)

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